20th Anniversary Celebrations

On 15th and 16th February 2020, Darshini celebrated the 20th Anniversary. The chief guests were Mr. Suki Sivam, Mr. Balan Kalyanasundaram, Librarian and Philanthropist, Dr Hema, IIT Madras, Mrs. Banumathy Neelakantan, a social worker from Jamshedpur were the chief guests.

Our Chief Guests

Mr. Suki Sivam

Mr. Suki Sivam
Speaker and Writer

DrHema, IIT Madras

Dr. Hema
IIT Madras

Mrs. Banumathy Neelakantan, Social Worker

Mrs. Banumathy Neelakantan,
Social Worker

Mr. Palam Kalyanasundaram

Mr. Palam Kalyanasundaram
Social Worker

On this occasion Darshini’s PHd students were honoured.

Our Proud Gold Medal Winners

Two books written by students Prof. Nagarajan and Prof. Mahendran were released.

There were talks and entertainment programs for the students.

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