Prominent Wellwishers

Dr. AP J Abdul Kalam

Honourable Former President of India,

Date : 7 February 2010.

"I am delighted to know that Darshini has completed ten years of noble work in uplifting the visually challenged students studying in various colleges of Madras University. I am happy to know that the voluntary effort of Darshini has empowered over 250 students to achieve excellence in Arts, Culture and Education. Important feature of Darshini is, that it is run by Homemakers who have taken up this societal mission with passion.

In the next phase, Darshini is taking up provision of computers, scanners, vocational training and physiotherapy to the students which will definitely enlarge the professional skills of the visually challenged youth. I am sure, many societal reformers will become part of Darshini in this venture.

My best wishes to all the members of Darshini for success in the mission of main-streaming the visually challenged youth of Madras University."

- AP J Abdul Kalam.
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