Prominent Wellwishers

Dr. Smt. Sarojini Varadappan

Social Worker,

Date : 4-02-2010

"I am extremely happy to learn that Darshini, the charitable trust for visually impairedstudents of Madras University had completed ten years of service under your able leadership. It is very befitting that as part of the decennial celebration you intend to bring out a souvenir. I offer my hearty congratulations to you and your team of dedicated and sincere workers who are rendering invaluable service to the society. I feel so proud that you were able to draw people from different walks of life-retired teachers, ex-bankers, social workers and homemakers for this noble cause. It is matter of great pride for the Women's Indian Association that one of its veteran members has started this new venture. It is indeed a remarkable achievement that this trust is able to help two hundred and fifty students complete their education in a variety of subjects. It is heartening to note that some students have enrolled for a Ph.D. course. I wish these students the very best in whatever they set out to achieve in their lives. I once again offer my hearty congratulations to the members of Darshini who under your dynamic leadership are helping transform so many lives. I pray to the Almighty that he may shower his blessings on you and your team so that you may continue doing this great service."

- Sarojini Varadappan.
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